« Back to basics »

According to a Mc Kinsey study, 70% of persons entering a hypermarket to buy a specific brand can change their mind once inside the store. Other studies highlight the growing importance of the moment when the consumer who is about to purchase becomes a “shopper”.

Knowing that the trust towards brands has been eroding for few years, the last meters before the purchase have to be reconsidered to generate brand preference in order to avoid wasting the whole investments at the very last minute.

Facing these changes, a performing offer of marketing shopper has to be developed around 4 pillars: the starting point of efficient campaigns is the customer knowledge in store, at the crucial moment of choice. What is more instructive than a video showing all hesitations, returns, and behaviors in front of a linear followed by an individual interview to understand and interpret them?

The experience, second pillar, results from heterogeneous elements that interfere during the consumer journey (tone of voice, point of sale atmosphere, relation to the sales assistant, usage experience etc). It indicates the whole emotions that the consumer feels before, during and after the purchase. Demanding, over-informed and reactive, the consumer is today ultra-connected and omni canal. He can be a “clic and collect” adept, a home delivery fan or a supporter of purchases in stores, or even the three at the same time! He is also more engaged, integrating ecological, economical and political motivations. How to address him at the right moment, contact him again or create a relationship in order to satisfy and retain him?

There comes the importance of the third pillar: the ability to deliver the right message, in the right place at the right moment in order to complete the act of purchase. Through an advertising display at eyes level in order to better catch his attention; an overhead marking to guide him and a mailing sent at home… The manner to address the consumer is key.

The digitalization of the points of sales, a fast-growing concept is our 4th pillar: make the store experience exciting again humanizing the customer relationship. Via a tablet available in store where you can find all the technical specifications of the product or through a “connected paper” displaying content directly on the smartphone… A priority knowing that 50% of the shoppers have their smartphone in their hands while purchasing. Companies get this point since they propose GPS apps to guide them in the store depending on their last shopping list. A good way for the brands to redefine and optimize consumer journey knowing that their decision can be made in less than 4 seconds.

Better understand shoppers’ behaviors; put them at the heart of brand communication strategies, decrypt their purchase funnel, identify touchpoints to activate (especially on digital) in order to deliver the right message at the right moment constitute the virtuous ecosystem to influence their behaviors. Not really far from the small shop in the 50s, when the grocer next door knew his customers' needs and tastes and how to address them. Therefore, there is a need for the shopper marketing to go back to good practices. A “back to basics”. Vintage marketing era.


Yann Bilat 

Senior Partner / WNP Activation