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Before what’s next

Before what’s next

The world (of marketing and communication) was torn between two logics: on one hand the brand, the image, the experience, the content and on the other, the performance, the profitability and the ROI. A world of misunderstanding and mutual mistrust. The digital natives vs the old … or the « clash of generations » to a marketing scale. Advertisers vainly tried to make their agencies - expert in these two logics - collaborate but as a result they had to manage agencies issues rather than communication ones.

Only one question remained: how to maximize investments performance when budget don’t grow as fast as what it is possible to do ?

A question that implies to master three skills: the data, the ideas and the marketing strategy. Most importantly make them work together in an integrated and not fragmented way.

An integrated model

  • Mad Men The Ideas Develop and stage strong ideas in order to maximize the emergence and the consistency of the brand expression into increasingly complex and fragmented ecosystems.

  • Mc MEN The marketing strategy Master what is at stake for marketing in the era of digital without losing sight of what is a positioning.

  • Math men The data Being able to identify the right data among all, the data that will make the good insight and the relevant KPI : the RIGHT DATA vs the BIG DATA.

  • WE ARE WHAT’S NEXT An integrated model that works thanks to a multi-skills project team in order to bring the best answer to a given issue. In terms of strategies, levers, systems and contents. And which is not only able to define the best solution but also to implement it.

The integration by WNP

  • beware
    of imitations.
    Do not confuse integration with 360°.

    It’s all the difference between sprinkling and getting it right. Right where it makes sense rather than going in all directions.

  • forget about advertisement
    5 minutes.

    In order to know how to get it right, we have to understand what are the issues in our clients’ businesses. Renew with the idea that an agency has to understand its clients’ businesses in order to better impact it (and paradoxically create campaigns that « smell » less marketing).

  • forget
    your reflexes.
    The integration, the art of not having prejudice.

    A media-neutral requirement means not having prejudice on the best ways to adopt. It is a model that combines business entities AND a dedicated consulting structure independent from the business units.

  • get the sense
    of timing.
    The integration depends on the context.

    Deliver the right message to the right person in the right place at the right moment. A consistent communication that is accurate because it takes into account the context in which it evolves.

  • give the honor
    to people.
    The integration is to think targets as real people.

    Understand and answer to what drives them, to the way they behave on the points of sales, the journeys they make when they make their choices, reveal their habits and wandering but also what they are fond of, what makes them laugh and vibrate or drive them mad. In sum, just real people…

  • you are live.
    The integration, it’s live!

    The period when we launched a campaign on which we worked during a year is over. With the digital, we follow in real-time the campaigns, we optimize and enrich them. Under the condition of having defined the right KPIs. Having created dashboards that are not complex. And have agile, fast (and hard-working) creatives.

  • let the idea
    guide you.
    The integration, it’s an idea at the center.

    A brand idea as a common theme is more than ever necessary to create consistency into the fragmentation. Executional ideas that are able to emerge into the profusion of the content broadcasted. This is the reason why the integration is not and will never be a science. This is also the limit of the models only based on the ROI and all the value of mixing maths men and mad men.


  • Agatha